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Bitmap image created using WindowsPaintbrush.

Did this in 10 minutes using only the black, gray, and the background color which I don't exactly know what name that color was... violet or light blue or purple...

First thing I did was create an outline of the whole body... then I draw a straight line cutting the body in two... then I removed the other half... then I painted the remaining half... finally I copied the finished half and flipped and pasted it in the missing half making it seemed whole again... Don't forget to remove the thin line that divides the body in half... it is also possible not to use it anyway.

  Bitmap image created using WindowsPaintbrush.

Did this in 20 minutes using the colors orange, brown, white, purple, yellow, darkgreen, olive, black...

The main tool that I used in this work is the line tool... I used it to draw lines in many directions to produce the shades... it is somewhat similar to drawing a sketch using a pencil... the only difference here is that I used the mouse instead of a pencil.

There are many ways on how to start with this drawing but what I did was to draw an outline of this image... then I filled it up with the colors yellow for the hair, orange for the skin, purple for the suit and teal for the gun... then I started to shade the areas that should be hidden from the light...

  More images coming soon... just give me some time to arrange them accordingly.