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For My Ate Lynn

Ending of An Affair to Remember

Nickie: Uh, does Miss Mckay...
Terry: Nickie.

Nickie: Hello, Terry.

Terry: Oh, it's good to see you.

Nickie: It's good to see you, too. You feeling all right?

Terry: Yes, yes. I am fine. I am just resting.

Nickie: Good. Good. Good.

Terry: Well, it's been a long time.

Nickie: Yes, hasn't it?

Terry: Well, it's good to see you.

Nickie: You said that... May I, huh--?

Terry: Oh, yes, please do sit down.

Nickie: I'll only be a minute. Are you sure you don't mind?

Terry: No, no, of course not.

Nickie: Oh, is this the breathtaking view?

Terry: Well, the altitude bothered me.

Nickie: Well, I'll bet you're wondering how I got here.

Terry: Well, yes, yes, yes. I am.

Nickie: Well, I was looking through the telephone book for a man named Mcbride. And I... I came across the name T. Mckay. And I said to myself, 'Could it possibly be Terry Mckay, my old friend?'

Terry: And it was.

Nickie: Yes, yes. And then I said to myself, 'Well, now, I haven't been very nice to Miss Mckay. After all, I had an appointment with her one day. And I didn't keep it.'

Terry: You didn't keep--

Nickie: No. No. So I said to myself--I talk to myself quite a lot these days--I said, 'Well, that's not a very nice way to treat an old friend like Miss Mckay. I must apologize to Miss Mckay.' Because don't you agree when someone doesn't keep an appointment, they should apologize?

Terry: Yes. Yes, I think you are absolutely right. I, well, I think the least people could say is they are sorry or something.

Nickie: So here I am.

Terry: That's very sweet.

Nickie: I thought so.

Terry: I often wondered about you...

Nickie: Ha ha ha.

Terry: And how you were.

Nickie: Did you really?

Terry: Yes, really.

Nickie: Well, I've often thought about you, too. Then you weren't angry because I wasn't there? I mean, you must have been at first.

Terry: Well, yes, yes. I was. At first I was furious. I said, 'He can't do this to me. Who does he think he is?'

Nickie: How long did you wait? I mean, did you wait long?

Terry: Yes, I waited until about...

Nickie: Midnight.

Terry: Oh.

Nickie: And then what did you do?

Terry: Well, then I got really mad. Well, you can imagine standing up there on...

Nickie: Yes, in a thunderstorm.

Terry: In a thunderstorm?

Nickie: Then what did you say to yourself?

Terry: Then I said, 'Aw, go on home and get tight.'

Nickie: But you didn't do that.

Terry: Didn't I?

Nickie: No. Well, maybe just a little while, every hour for about a month.

Terry: Can you blame me?

Nickie: Oh, I should say not. The least I could have done was to have sent you a note.

Terry: Well, perhaps by the time you thought of it, you didn't know where to reach me.

Nickie: But you swore that if you ever saw me again, you'd ask.

Terry: No, no. I remember we said that if we could make it, we'd be there. And if one of us didn't show up, it would be for a darn good reason.

Nickie: Did we say that?

Terry: Yes, that is exactly what we said.

Nickie: Well, like what, for instance?

Terry: So there will be no more questions asked. I hope. Would you like a cigarette?

Nickie: Thank you.

Terry: Thank you, Nickie.

Nickie: Isn't that wonderful? I walked all the way here just to-- And now I'm not even supposed to ask why you weren't there. Isn't it strange? We used to read each other's thoughts. Not the same, is it?

Terry: Not quite.

Nickie: It doesn't seem--

Terry: I know.

Nickie: I don't know what happens to me whenever I-- No wedding ring, I see.

Terry: No.

Nickie: Well, I thought at the--

Terry: Last night, at the show? No, no. He was just-- No.

Nickie: I didn't mean to offend you.

Terry: How's everything with you, Nickie?

Nickie: Oh, you can ask questions?

Terry: Mm...hmm.

Nickie: I thought everything was fine until I saw you last night. Then I knew there must be something between us. Even if it is only an ocean. So I bought myself a ticket.

Terry: Oh, you are... sailing?

Nickie: Tonight. And you are happy, aren't you?

Terry: Yes. Yes. And you?

Nickie: I don't know. I'm worried about the future. I don't know what people will think. They'll say, 'There he goes, the mad painter. There's something the matter with him. He doesn't like women.'

Terry: Why would people say that?

Nickie: Why? Because he sails the seven seas and to every woman he meets he says, 'Where will you be in six months?'

Terry: And they're there?

Nickie: Everywhere. Tops of pyramids, the domes of cathedrals, the Eiffel
Tower. He still tries to keep them up high.
Terry: And he keeps them waiting?

Nickie: Sure. Waiting, waiting, and waiting.

Terry: And where's he all this time?

Nickie: Waiting.

Terry: But you can't go on like that. It isn't right for you. I wish I could say you were wrong.

Nickie: I was once. How'd you like to change the subject?

Terry: Yes, yes, I'd love to. Merry Christmas.

Nickie: Oh, I almost forgot. Now, six months ago, who'd have thought that we'd be spending Christmas together, in front of a nice warm fire? I brought you a present.

Terry: Thank you. I--I'm sorry I don't have one for you. I--I didn't think I'd be seeing you.

Nickie: That's all right. I didn't expect one. That isn't really a Christmas present.

Terry: Oh, that's why my letters came back.

Nickie: I would have sent it to you, but I didn't know your address until today. She wanted you to have it, remember? So that's the reason I... Good-bye, Terry.

Terry: Good-bye, Nickie.

Nickie: You know, I painted you like that with the shawl. I wish you could have seen it. Courbet said it was one of my best. I didn't think I could ever part with it. But now there's no reason to keep it any longer, and I couldn't take money for it because, well, you know. So Courbet told me a young woman came into the gallery and she liked it. She saw in it what I hoped you to see. So I told Courbet to give it to her because he said she didn't have any money. Not only that, she was... she was... Anyway I told him to give it to her. Courbet said she'd wanted it so badly and, huh, so I told him to give it to her. You know, it's the Christmas season and all that and, you know me, holly in my heart. [He goes to the room, sees the painting, and comes back.]

Terry: Darling, don't look at me like that.

Nickie: Why didn't you tell me? If it had to happen to one of us, why did it have to be you?

Terry: It was nobody's fault but my own. I was looking up. It was the nearest thing to heaven. You were there. Oh, darling, don't worry, darling. If you can paint, I can walk, anything can happen. Don't you think?

Nickie: Yes, darling, yes, yes.

from Khen