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Marriages are supposed to be a lifetime commitment.
In this world of busy, rushing has become a
rare treasure. My parents were married when my
mother was 15, not an easy age to marry and remain
true. My father was 20 and was sent overseas during the
World Wars soon after they were married. They have remained
true and loving after all these years. It was my priviledge to
write these poems for a couple in my church. They wanted
something original and Godly to say in their ceremony.....

Master of Our Home

Gracious Father, I am but a man,
Who must always lean on You.
And depend upon Your Holy Word,
To tell me what to do.
I thank You for this woman,
You chose to make my bride.
I'll love her and protect her,
And keep her by my side.

Lord, I am but a woman,
Who must always lean on You.
And depend upon Your Holy Word,
To tell me what to do.
I thank you for this man,
You've chosen just for me.
I'll love hime and I'll strive,
To be the best wife I can be.

We ask You now, dear Father,
To be the Master of our home.
To guide us and to show us,
That we're never all alone.
Help both of us to understand,
When life will get us down,
That if we keep our eyes on You,
We'll stand on solid ground.

A Man, A Woman and God

Dear Lord, as a man, I come to You,
At this very special time.
I ask You, Lord, to help me be,
Loving, thoughtful and kind.
You've given me this woman,
To be my wedded wife.
Help me, Lord, to make the future,
The best years of her life.

Father, as a woman, I come to You,
In this quiet time of prayer,
Help me to understand this man,
Whose life I am to share.
You've chosen him to share with me,
This life that I've been living.
Help me strive to always be,
Loving, thoughtful and giving.

Heavenly Father, as we join our hearts,
And as one we come to You,
We ask Your blessings on this life,
And Your hand to guide us through.
Help us serve and love each other,
The way You want us to.
Help us learn and grow together,
With our hearts always open to You.

And now, oh Lord, we thank You,
For this love that You always give.
We thank You for Your kindness,
And the grace by which we live.
We thank You for the blessings,
That are showered from above,
And especially for this person,
You sent for us to love.

My parents have been married now for nearly 57 years. They
are still just as much in love today as they were back then. My
dad says that their's was a marriage made in Heaven. That
I can truly believe. They were married by a Rev. Angel and
that in itself is a unique occurence. They are Christians and
brought their children up with love, kindness, patience and
a great deal of understanding and wisdom. This page is done
to humbly honor them and their love as well.


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