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Railroadin' with Rick


Hi, I'm Rick

Rick is 8 years old. He had Myconium Aspiration Syndrome at birth.
He spent the first month of his life in the intensive care unit of a
large hospital, paralyzed and machines breathing for him. Myconium Aspiration
Syndrome is when a baby inhales it's first stool before birth. This can cause
the lungs of the newborn to stick together if they breath too deep. That's
why Rick has become a special child. This has caused him to be slower than
some children his age. He is attending special education classes at a local
elementary school. He can memorize like a pro, loves trains, and can tell
you exactly what one is missing from his collection. Rick has since I began this page been diagnosed as being autistic. We are waiting to have him retested as to what kind of autism he has.
This page is dedicated to him and other children like him.

and this is my little brother Robert.
We get along just fine as long as
he doesn't touch my trains!



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