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It has been quite a while since I visited my page with any idea of what I
wanted to do...Since then I have done a lot of experimenting with other
pages..You can find them by clicking on the various links below...In your
 visits here I hope you can find a place of quiet and warmth where you can
 relax and enjoy......

Family Faith Poetry

Wedding Page

Cake graphic courtesy of "Anne's Place"

Being a born and raised hoosier, friendly and curious, I have found a lot of friends with different hobbies. Since I have two grown daughters who have given me four lively, active grandsons, those boys have become my hobby as well as my joy. The oldest is ten and lived with me for quite some time. He is definitely a grandma's boy. His younger brother who is 7 is one of my two special children. Derek, has cystic fibrosis.Derek's Page

My other two grandsons are as equally active and lively, the oldest being now 8. He is my other special child, having had Myconium Aspiration Syndrome. His favorite hobby is trains, which is why I would like to dedicate a page on trains in his name. His little brother, is just four years old and does everything and anything he can get away with.Their mommy doesn't work so has time to spend doing the things they love best. Rick's Page


With working on my page I have had some tough times and I'd like to thank a couple of very special friends who have spent a great deal of time babying me along. My unending thanks to Outlaw and Kurze.


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Juelia's State Flowers

PEONY Indiana's State Flower

labor day

Labor Day!

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Once A Year.....Holidays.....


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Please take the time to sign my new guestbook. I have removed the old one.
All my entries are saved so nothing will be lost.Thanks to all of you who signed it. : )

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