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Hey I'm 2!!

This is my grandson Robert's page.
Right now he is nearly 2 and loves
Winnie the Pooh, trains, (big brother
does too) and copying whatever big
brother does.  :-)

Since Robert is still developing his
individual personality and traits, I'm
just putting something together I think
he'll like....I hope everyone who comes
here will too!..Step into the year of the 2's.

Robert loves almost everything so here are
some things I know he'll enjoy. He's very outgoing,
bold and intelligent for his age. He won't be bullied
or pushed around by anyone.

   All boys love trains, he's no exception. After
all, big brother loves them too. 

We love kittens, fuzzy animals, teddies,
as you can see. We love puppydogs too. 

Robert also loves cars, one of his first words.
   He loves trucks too. 

Like all little ones, he loves playing with
the telephone too.  He thinks that makes
him all grown up. 

He has a small big wheels, but tries very
hard to play with big brother's bicycle. He
wants to ride.

  Wagons are loads of fun and being
pulled by brother is too.

Now this is the best of all, TOYS!
All kinds of them. We throw them out
on the floor and play in the box. WOW!

Troy's Frogs
Railroadin' With Rick
Derek's Dinosaurs
Kozy Korner

Animations by Kitty

Graphics by Musen 

Toy Chest by Roxie 

This is my little pocket pal. Isn't he cute?
You can get yours at Cottage Row.

The song playing is "The Marvelous Toy"