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     Section 2 

Reflections of Life


"For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother,
and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be
one flesh."


"Children obey your parents in the LORD; for this is right."


I do not think that I would like, a place that has no trees.
I'd miss their leafy branchs as they rustled in the breeze.

I do not think that I would like, a place that has no flowers,
I like to sit amongst them, and while away the hours.

I do not think that I would like, a place that has no birds,
The chirping of their voices,  speak to me like words.

I do not think that I would like, a place without a child,
Or a place without an animal running free and wild.

I do believe I'll always like, the blueness of the skies,
The place I'll have in Heaven and to worship GOD on high


   Section 3 

Times and Seasons


"To everything there is a season; and a time to every purpose
under the Heaven."


The wings of time for a child are pure and clean and white.
The feathers are their stories and their childhood delights.

The wings of time to a youth are bright and glittering gold.
The feathers are the future and the promises that it holds.

The wings of time for the middle-aged are of shimmering, silver hue.
The feathers are the paths they took and the trials that they knew.

The wings of time for the aged are the silver turned to grey.
The feathers are their history and the foundations of today.

When each one reaches their last wings, that are pure and clean and white,
The feathers are their homeward path for their eternal Heavenly flight.

Kathy Rowe..'99

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