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This is my grandson Troy's frog page..He is into all those creepy,
crawly and slimy creatures that inhabit this world.  Since I began
his pages they have had to be expanded to allow for more growth
in all areas, snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and those denisons of the deep,
crocodiles and aligators. These graphics are put here for all to enjoy,
not as a collection, so please don't link to my pages and take the time
to visit the sites on the web to collect graphics for yourself.  This is
a special background I selected for Troy's page, there is a link to the
site at the bottom of this page..please take the time to visit and see
all the other backgrounds there.


Isn't this little fella cute? He sure is colorful. I don't know
what kind of frog this is, but he looks friendly enough.

Here is another colorful looking frog. Wouldn't it be nice to be
able to sit around and make lot of noise? 

As you can see frogs come in a lot of different sizes and shapes.
They can come in a variety of different colors too. Here is one
that is very colorful and different. 

Like most frogs, this little guy loves
bugs. Yuk!  Not the kind of meal I'd look forward to. How about
you? He sure looks happy, doesn't he.

   Here's another
fella who loves bugs. These guys can be a real help around ponds,
lakes and streams or just sitting out in the garden.

Well, as far as I can see frogs are very useful and handy to keep
around. They help keep the balance of nature by consuming a
vast amount of insects.  This little creature is a toad, relative of
the frog I'm sure. He's not quite as colorful, but still eats bugs.
He is called a spade footed toad. His coloring
is very different than the frogs we've seen here. I got this one from
 a wonderful graphic site called Zena's. There's a link for her page
at the bottom so be sure to visit her site and sign the guestbook.

This one seems to be listening to his own kind of
sounds. Perhaps he's listening to this one sing. 

This one like the singing so well, he's decided to let loose
and really rock!  

Here's another frog, it's a deeper shade of green. It seems
to be listening to the singing frog too. 

Here's another one, eating his dinner. MMM looks delicious doesn't
it?  Ugh! 

These are just some of the frogs I've found while surfing. Below you will
find a few more. Please remember to honor the copyright laws and visit
the links below.  Have fun and enjoy these pages!


This wonderful frog is from Kitty's Page Works

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