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Family Faith Poetry

May this be a blessing and an uplifting of
the spirit. Honoring God and praising Him.


Hopefully this will help everyone get around my poetry more easily.
If you have a favorite one this will allow you to get there faster.



Greatest Reward

Section 1
Poems of Praise

If Jesus Came Today A Light In Darkness
Jesus The One Loved Best
I Cannot Understand Serving The Lord
Fallen Angel Tell The People
Sinner's Prayer I Was The One
The Judgement

Section 2Reflections of Life
Section3/ Times and Seasons
Section4/Childhood and Youth

I Do Not Think Wings of Time
I Can Still Remember Together
Thank You, Lord City of Doom
The World Goes On Jenny 
The Child Children Are
De Devil An' De Chile The Man Upstairs
A Special Place

Special Occasions*
These were written by request for a friend's wedding.Hopefully
they will be a blessing to your hearts. This is also a dedication
to my parents who still have that everlasting love that endures.

Master of Our Home A Man, A Woman & God


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The doves and Bible are courtesy of " Orchids "

The lamb bar is courtesy of " Toymaker "


The midi you hear playing is " Mighty Rushing Wind"
by Keith Green