Jerry Lynn's Web Page
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Jerry Lynn's Web Page

Hello,.... My name is Jerry Lynn,... and I've never had a web page before. So I'll introduce myself, and my family.
I have a husband Phil, and a Son and Daughter.
My husband and I hooked up when I was 11 and he was 12. We went to a Jr. High play together, called Hillbilly Wedding, and we've been sparkin' ever since.
We'll be married 30 years next Oct. 12, Columbus Day, Good Lord willin'.
Now, if you think we've been together a long time,.... let me tell you that's just the beginning. My Dad and Phil's Dad played basketball on the same high school basketball team, and my Papaw drove his Mom and Dad to school on his school bus, and put Phil's Dad off because he caught him kissing Phil's Mom in the back seat, and.... Phil's Grandpa Morgan took my Grandfather "Pappy" to Indianapolis on his milk route to the "Sears" store to get my Mother her first bicycle.
So to say the least, our families have been well acquainted.

Our Son, Wade, helped me make this page. (Thanks Son.) He's married and has a lovely wife, Jodi. They have blessed us with a wonderful Grand-daughter "Katie".
Our Daughter, Mandy, is single and beautiful. She's a Deputy Sheriff for our county, and we worry about her everyday, but are awfully proud of her and her brother. Here are some of my favorite sites on the web:

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