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A Liberal Review of Independence Years of India

Jana Samsad | Peoples  Parliament 
What went wrong with Independence? And why? 
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50th year of  Indian Independence 
    On 15th of August 1998 concluded the celebrations of the 50th year of  Indian independence. Throughout the year the celebrations were luke-warm, lack-lustre and mostly government managed.    
    There was little participation and even lesser attempt at introspection. The 3 day debate in the parliament on the review of post Independence years was a total flop.       

    An exercise to find out what went wrong with independence and why, in which people will be able to participate in large numbers is necessary. To make-up for this lacuna, people are being invited to attend an open parliament.   

Independence came to India 50 years back.
It's `tryst with destiny' stands frustrated by now.  
What went wrong with Independence?
    Did the mischief start after 1947?   

    Or was something wrong with the freedom movement itself?  
    How come India is in trouble but those who lead the nation to disaster are all venerated figures?   

    Was independence limited only to the upper caste, urban, english speaking India?   

    How come the lower caste predominantly agricultural Bharat continues to suffer from colonial exploitation?   

    How come Independent India's policies in administration, defence, economic development, health, education, transport and communication all brought bounty to India at the cost of Bharat?   

    Now that Nehru's socialist misadventure has clearly flopped, is there a way out?   

    Or will India go back to mediaeval fundamentalist systems?   


If you have views on the subject 
you would like to share,
    The Samsad will not invite any persons who have held high governmental positions. Invitations will be sent, principally to people who have notable achievements in any field. This will ensure that the Samsad agenda does not become an apologia for those who failed.  

    Farmers Organization, Farmer Women's Organization, Liberal Party of India and the member organizations of Farmers Co-ordination Committee have taken the initiative to convene the Jana-Samsad (Peoples Parliament).  

    A gathering of over half a million people involves difficult logistic and management problems.    
    You are welcome to  join the group of convenors.    Convenors 

    Farmers Organization     
    (Shetkari Sanghatana)  

    Women Farmers Organization     
    (Shetkari Mahila Aghadi)    

    Liberal Party of India      
    (Swatantra Bharat Party)     

    Member Organizations of     
    Farmers Co-ordination Committee     
    (Kisan Co-ordination Committee) : 

    To Join or help organization of this event send email,  or  fax  to: 
    Sharad Joshi :(  Telefax  91 213215 52354) or  
    Manvendra Kachole:( Telefax  91 240 323094 


    Farmers For Freedom 

    Sharad Joshi Page

    Some literature related to the peoples parliament will be available online very soon. 

    10th  December 1998 : Delegates* and Invitees 
    11th  December 1998 : Delegates* and Invitees 
    12th  December 1998 : Delegates* and Invitees : Open Session  

    * Registration of delegates is open.   

    You may choose to register now and receive formal invitation, circulars, programme and details.  

    To Register, 

    Join our mailing list  

    OR send  your name, postal  address and  email address to: 
    Manvendra Kachole,  
    Rahi, khokadpura, Aurangabad, India 431 001 

    OR Fax or email your name, postal  address and  email address to: 
    Manvendra Kachole,  Telefax  91 240 323094