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Moudi's Love Page



When I was just an angel

I lost my wings

I came down to Earth,

I found my wings in you…

When I faced trials

I lost my faith to go on

But as I looked back

I found that faith in you…

When my heart was broken

I lost it too

But when I looked into your eyes

I found my heart in you…

Time came when I lost my will to live

And thought there’s no reason left anymore

But when you came into my life

I found my reason to exist… It’s you!


Can you believe this feeling?

On love i thought i do,

But this feelings, i can't explain,

This love i have for you.

I guess, it's really strong one

More great from one before,

With every day that passes,

My love grows more and more

Between us, there is distance,

I live so very far

But in my heart, its different,

Cause in it, you always are.

Not in day time, I’m thinking,

But even in the night,

On you ,I’m always dreaming,

In front of me ,your sight.

Oh, how I’m always praying,

To god, for just one wish,

To give us this opportunity,

That someday, we can meet.

I really love you dearly,

More then the words can say,

Without you, i am nothing,

I miss you every day.

Every word that i wrote, i mean it,

From bottom of my heart,

These are my real feelings,

I wrote them on this card.

love you so very deary.


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