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Moudi's Love Page

" Love comes from the spirit. It comes from within."

"Love speaks volumes without saying a word.

It uses actions, not language, to be heard."

"When love is around we don't wonder where."

"When love is around we just know it's there."


I Wish...

I wish to fly with open wings…

I wish to taste the mountain springs…

I wish to open up my heart…

I wish I wouldn't fall apart…

I wish that you were always near…

I wish that I could show no fear…

I wish that I could run and hide…

I wish to have never cried…

I wish I could be the best…

I wish I needn't take that test…

I wish the future was so bright…

I wish for the blackness of the night…

I wish that the angels would just fall…

I wish I'd walk rather than crawl…

I wish that I could just flee…

I wish I knew what it meant to be free.

I wish eternity wouldn't last…

I wish that damned dice was cast…

I wish I could stand and defy…,

I wish I could stop asking why…

I wish for a future with desire…

I wish to quench the flames of the fire…

I wish to sail among the birds…

I wish to gallop amongst the herds…

I wish that I was something more…

I wish I knew what was in store…

I wish you could just understand…

I wish I could just hold your hand…

I wish that I could hold you tight…

I wish that you would be my light…

I wish for love so pure and true…

I wish for…

well, for you.

Love is...

Love is a state of mind. It's not

like emotions, which fade in time.

Love is in the air.

Love is in the trees.

Love is you down on one knee.

Love is pure.

Love is kind.

Love is mine.

Love state of mind.

With love ...

With love we grow and realise our dreams.

With love we learn what life really means.

With love we strengthen and empower each other.

With love we openly embrace one another.

In Love ...

In love, there is a peace.

In love, there is calm.

In love is what I feel when I'm in your arms.

In love, there are no fears.

In love, there are no doubts.

Love comes from within and works its way out.

I need you

I need you to make me safe from harm,

I need you to hold me close & keep me warm.

I need your hands to lift me up when I’m down,

I need your arms to embrace me when it’s cold around.

I need your face to please my sight,

I need your lips to kiss me goodnight.

I need your eyes to watch over me,

God! I need you badly!

I need to hear you say, "baby, I care."

I need to know you’re always there.

I need you to listen to every word I say,

I need you here, I need you now, I need you to stay…

Even As Love Grows More, I Write The Less

Even as love grows more,

I write the less,

Impelled to speak, unable still to voice

The lyric thoughts like angels that rejoice

Attendant on thy godly lovinesss.

Stay the bright swallow high in airy poise,

Carve out of stone an infinite caress,

Garner the fruits of tears and happiness,

Make bloom forever what an hour destroys,

Then shamed by such unprecedented skill

I may find words to name thee, and to sing

Such praises of thy beauty as shall fill

The listening world with floods of carolling;

Till then thouart like starlight on the air,

Or clouds at dawn, unutterably fair.

The Lips Of Your Love

The lips of your love

Are like the red of your hair,

Soft and enchanting,

Which I long to share.

The curves of your body

Are like your blue silken dress,

Attractive and stunning,

Which I long to caress.

The warmth of your flesh

Is like your beautiful face,

Fair and unblemished,

Which I long to embrace.

This Love Inside Me

My heart is crying silently deep down into the night

because it has a hopeless dream a dream it cannot fight.

It cannot show the truth to you as you would surely

laugh and that I know would break my heart my

heart that's made of glass.

Gradually the pain will ease

but I will not forget the love

that I have got for you

the love you will not get.

And when I think about you

I know I'll have to cry because

this love inside me will never ever die.

Need More Love

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