Over the last four decades, INSDOC has evolved many information products and services to suit the S&T information requirements of researchers and scientists in the country. These innovative products and services aim at providing packaged S&T information catering to the specific needs of individuals, institutions and corporate bodies.



 1 Contents, Abstracts and Photocopy Service(CAPS)
 2 Standing Order Abstracts Service(SOAS)
 3 Full Text Journal Services(FTJS) 
 4 Document Copy Supply Service
 5 Journal List Service(JLS)
 6 Recent Books Service(RBS)
 7 Bibliographic/Literature Search Service
 8 Chemical Abstracts Keyword Index Service(CAKIS)
 9 Foreign Languages Translation and Interpretation Service
10 Assignment of International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
11 Bibliometric Analysis Service
12 Electronic Imaging, Slide Making, DTP and Bar Coding Service
13 Home Page Creation Service


National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India (NUCSSI) on CD-ROM
2 Indian Patents Database on CD-ROM
3 Granthalaya - a library automation package
4 Indian Science Abstracts on CD-ROM (from 1990 onwards)


Annals of Library Science and Documentation on CD-ROM (from 1964 onwards)


1 Indian Science Abstracts (ISA)
2 Annals of Library Science and Documentation
3 Directory of Indian Scientific Periodicals (1992)
4 Directory of Scientific Research Institutions in India
5 Directory of S&T Awards in India (1994)
6 Periodical Publications in India (1989)
7 National Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials in India (1988)
8 Union Catalogue of Scientific & Technical Conference Proceedings: Bangalore (1977-90)
9 Proceedings of the Seminar on Learned Periodicals in India (1989)
11 49th FID Conference & Congress Publications, October 1998
12 SAARC Documentation Centre (SDC) Publications