Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre (INSDOC) is a premier organisation dealing with library, documentation and information science, technology, services and systems. It is a national laboratory under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) providing information and documentation services both at the national and the international level. INSDOC's activities fall under five broad categories:

Since its inception in 1952, INSDOC has been providing information services that aim at fulfilling the information needs of researchers and scientists in the country. Over the years, INSDOC has designed several information products and services for the corporate and business sector as well. Keeping pace with technological developments, new information products are being brought out on CD-ROMs and floppies and many services are being offered on networks like the Internet.

INSDOC's competency areas include: Library automation, Library networks, Computer networking, Electronic libraries, CD-ROM networking, Design and development of databases, Access to international information sources, On-line system, Feasibility studies, and Design, establishment and operational management of library-cum-information centres.

INSDOC houses the National Science Library that acts as a major information resource centre in the country in the area of Science and Technology and a strong reference collection in general S&T aspects. It receives over 3,320 periodicals both Indian and foreign. A significant number of these periodicals are received in electronic form in CD-ROMs. An Electronic Library Division is set up with facilities to access information from CD-ROMs.

INSDOC has a strong academic and training programme. As part of the academic programme INSDOC offers a Master's level programme in Information Science called Associateship in Information Science. INSDOC also conducts regular short-term courses and attachment training programmes on various topics, including the application of computers and information technology in the field of library, documentation and information. To support its academic and training programme, INSDOC has set up an information technology laboratory which is equipped with the state of the art computer and networking facilities to ensure high quality education and training to the students.

INSDOC works closely with counterpart institutions in other countries to bring about global information exchange. INSDOC is associated with the activities of International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID), International Federation of Library Associations(IFLA) and the Documentation Centre of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation(SAARC).

Wide dissemination of S&T information is an important aim of INSDOC. For this purpose, it has a network of regional centres located at Bangalore, Calcutta and Chennai to provide information services in these regions. In addition, INSDOC's services are available through Communications Research Consultants, Calcutta for the Eastern and North-Eastern regions of the country.

A team of about 300 personnel comprising scientific, technical and administrative staff handling the programmes of INSDOC. Over 120 persons of the staff are graduates or post-graduates in science, engineering or computers. Many of them have specialised in Library, Documentation of Information Science.


  • To meet the information needs of scientific research organisations, universities, government establishment, industries and individuals.
  • To harness information technology applications in information management with particular reference to modernising libraries and information centres.
  • To act as a single point access for science and technology information generated in India.
  • To develop human resources in the areas of library, documentation and information science, technology, management, systems, services, products and marketing.
  • To act as a facilitator in furthering economic, social, industrial, scientific and commercial development by providing timely access to relevant and accurate information.
  • To collaborate with international information agencies to evolve as an integral part of the globalisation process in the field of information and documentation.

  • To provide internationally competitive technical information services on a global scale for industry, S&T and educational institutions, Government, and individuals.
  • To harness the potential applications of Information Technology in Information Management and Services.