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Gentle healers or villainous soul-stealers? It depends on who you ask.
This tiny bloodline is all that is left of one of the original 13 clans.
In addition to supernatural toughness and extra-sensory powers, these
Kindred practice a Discipline which may heal wounded bodies and minds;
yet it may also tear your soul from your body and leave you to dissipate
into oblivion. These vampires were nearly extinguished when the Tremere
came into being and hunted them down, one by one. It is said by some
that the Salubri hold the keys to Golconda, the blessed state toward
which some vampires aspire, wherein the Beast is finally and truly
mastered. They can be identified by the bizarre Third Eye which resides
in the middle of their foreheads.

This widely hated bloodline has far more enemies than it deserves. Only
seven of these Cainites exist at a time, for after a Salubri attains
Golconda, she ends her existence and passes her blood to the individual
she has chosen to take her place. Few survive for more than a few
hundred years, for the Salubri consider vampiric existence to be agony.
These vampires can usually pass as humans until someone notices that
they possess a third eye. Other clans perceive Salubri as murderers and
diabolists of the worst kind. Princes have been known to call a Blood
Hunt at the merest suggestion that a Salubri might be in their domain;
the Tremere are known to hate them with a fervid intensity.

Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Obeah

Advantage: Salubri can attain Golconda with more ease than any other
Kindred, although the exact path to Golconda still very much depends
upon the individual. Once they attain Golconda, they may purchase more
advanced Disciplines with greater ease and any Discipline without
penalty. However, if Salubri fall from Golconda, they lose all
Disciplines gained while in this state.

Disadvantage: Whenever one of the Salubri takes blood from someone who
resists, she loses one level of health for every Blood Point taken. This
is not so much physical damage as psychosomatic, but it must be healed
normally (with blood). To avoid taking damage, the vampire must know the
target is not resisting and is at peace. Additionally, all Salubri must
continually persevere towards Golconda; straying from this path leads to
dire consequences (such as the inability to regain Willpower). When a
Salubri finally reaches Golconda, she must immediately set out to find a
successor and then end her existence.

Nickname: Triclops

Appearance: The members of this clan are chosen from all walks of life:
children,old men, teens, warriors, scholars, priests. The only common trait
is that the person must be willing to do good and help others.

Haven: Anywhere, but usually in a place where many humans can be.
A small village is likely to house a Salubri in a barn or small house.
The Salubri are often offered lodging by the mortal who protects them.
When asking for a Salubri, most humans will not acknowledge
the knowing the vampire.

Background: Salubri embrace only those who thrive for good in their lives.
Therefore corrupt individuals, used car dealers, pimps, murderers cannot become
Salubri. The Salubri want to help the humans, not swindle them or
otherwise control them.

Preferred Path: Nearly all Salubri follow the Path of Humanity.

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