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The only daughter of  Lady Andariel ....and Lord Azmodan..

she is the living embodiment of Anguish and Sin...

Sent inte the world by her parents te find here own place in it..

she came te Rhydin..

Here she has found some part of her place in the world a

High Priestess in The Basilica Diabolique..and assasin to Clan Daemonus Angilingus

A feirce Warrior...she fights with skill and honor..defending her friends and her Church.

She is Passionate and Deadly...

and finds pleasure in the pain and suffering of her enemies....


She is a shape shifter though this is a skill she rarely choses te show te others..

she is also adept in all manners of Poisons...and can duplicate even the most difficult.

while she remains resistant te them all....

"Ave Andariel...Morituri te Salutant"