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Mosh and Thrasher Site

3 Best Things about Mosh and Thrasher

My Favorite Web Sites

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Welcome to my Headbangers website. I have been a Headbanger fan ever since they fought LOD when they made their comeback. I know Thrasher and I might ask him some questions, like a little interview. I often leave messages in the Headbanger message board. If you ever wanna chat im me or email me at The Headbangers are the best tag-team in the world. They can KILL the New Age Outlaws any day of the week. They use many tag-team moves. I love it when they make fun of the Outlaws. Some people say that Mosh is the leader of the Headbangers but I dont think he is. I think there is no leader. They are both the same. I am sorry. This site is not very good because I dont know how to put sounds or pictures in it. If you read this and know how please tell me. I will give you whatever you want. Well I will let you get on with you life. So if you ain't down with this website then I got 2 words for ya, YOU SUCK!!!!