Say My Name is a Moffatt Erotica. Written for those who want more than romance. When two boy bands who hate each other are stuck on an uncharted island, who will save them from the harsh weather of the island and the evil deeds of it's inhabitants? There are scarier things lurking in the dark besides ghosts, creepy creatures and the occasional thief. Her name is Gaby. A romance, fan fiction that depicts the not-so-good side of the brothers.  Featuring the Power of Goodbye, Never Let Go, and Come What May, this series is a soap opera with so much more!
Moffatt/Hanson crossover with a touch of Buffy. Find out how two girls get the chance of a lifetime, and the brothers get the vacation they've always wanted. *Hosted!* This story written by Seleana! *Hosted!* *Hosted!*

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