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Thanks to amotay83 for the name of my page!

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Hey, send me some stories if you want me to put them up. I'm currently working on Chapter 3 of Reason's for Living. I will hopefully be soon putting up Meadow's Isaac, The Piano, Firsluv or Second?, and one other that doesn't have a title yet. I hope you enjoy what is soon to come. :)

Updated: July 22- i have started the new story and it's kind of weird. It's about six main characters and it's all from their point of view. Like, they trade off and stuff. So, it's very interesting to write. I hope that I'll be getting the first chapter up with in a few days. :)

July 26 - I have put up the first two chapters of Meadow's Isaac. Please read and enjoy!

July 30 - changed the stories page and the background for this page. Added a new story called HIM. Please read. Story Links

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