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A Grape Stomper Tribute to
Uncle Sam

Ohio! When I heard that word, as a kid, I knew we were going on a trip! Maybe for a wedding or just a short visit. The reason wasn't always clear or important, but one thing was certain, I would be seeing my Uncle Sam.

The State of Ohio seemed to be so far away from my home in Indiana. We traveled there on the Indiana toll road and the Ohio turnpike. We got to drive fast on the turnpike and not even get speeding tickets. That in itself was an adventure to me.

When we arrived at my uncle's house, the city and suburbs looked so big and modern. It looked like we were entering another world all together. I remember hearing jet airliners in the skies above and I would run outside to watch them fly over. I still stop and watch them to this day. I remember that Uncle Sam had a dry cleaning business. It was so cool to know someone, especially a relative, who owned their own business. As a young boy I certainly let that be known, when I needed a boost up the social ladder.

Uncle Sam always had a smile to share and some clowning around for the 8mm camera when needed. There was candy and cake and even Coca Cola! Blue skies and warm days is the only Ohio weather I remember.

Because of Uncle Sam and his wonderful family, I have only fond memories of my summer trips to Ohio. Of weddings, picnics, boat rides and love. Unforgetable memories that I cherish more with each passing day.

I pray that the Lord is as kind and gentle in Heaven as Uncle Sam was on earth. Embrace him Lord, into your heavenly home, as he did for us, not so long ago.


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