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Grape Stomper on Making Wine

12-20-1999 Just sitting here watching the football game and thinking about wine. I have bottled most of what I made in 1999, about 40 gallons. Three different types. One a Rose' from grapes I grew in my backyard. They were a week or two from being ripe, but the year before the birds got them all and I wasn't going to let that happen again. I got about 6 finished gallons from those. It should be a nice wine after a year or two of aging. I made about 30 gallons of red concord wine from grapes I picked in Michigan, just south of Lawton. I have been picking grapes at Thompson Vineyards for a few years. Mr. Thompson is a great host and I enjoy seeing him every year. I also made 5 gallons of 'false' wine. This is my first year of trying this so I'm not sure how it will come out. I am also being tempted, by my brothers success, to try making wine from a concentrate. I'll let you know what happens. Good wine making and salute to all!

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