Richard B Gillion
Prayer Asking Prayer Faith Prayer Promises Prayer Boldness Prayer Persistence Prayer

Server		Next please.  Ah, good morning, Mr Smith.

Customer	Good morning, I'd like to withdraw 2,000 pounds.

Server		I'll just check your account, sir.

Customer	There should be 5,000 pounds in it.

Server		Well according to our records, there’s only 53p in it.

Customer	Nonsense, I've got much more than that.

Server		Why exactly do you believe that you have more money in
		your account?

Customer [brandishing magazine] Here!  It says in this article that
		with all my children to feed and clothe, someone on my
		income is entitled to 5,000 pounds family income
		supplementary enhancement bonus credit.

Server		And when did you apply for it?

Customer	Oh, I haven't applied for it.  No.  It says here it
		could be paid into my bank account.

Server		But you haven't applied for it.  You need to contact
		the Department.  You need to ask them.

Customer	What if they don’t like me?  I don't know them very
		well.  They may not want to give it to someone like me.

Server		It's their job.  That's what they do.  It's not a
		question of whether they like you.

Customer	What if they say 'no'?

Server		You just said you’d be entitled to it.

Customer	Yes, but my parents taught me not to ask for things
		from other people.

Server		Well, it's up to you.  If you want what has been made
		available for you, you will have to ask for it.  You
		can make excuses or you can ask and receive.  You
		cannot spend it until you get it.  And you cannot get
		it unless you ask for it.

Customer	Well it's worth a try I suppose.  I've nothing to lose
		— except my pride, my fear and my sense of being
		controlled by childhood memories.

Server		Yes, go and ask, and when you've received it, then you
		can use it.

Customer	Goodbye.

Server		Goodbye, Mr Smith.

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