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Frank Buhain is your Webmaster and editor of this homepage. He graduated in the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ Bible School Manila, Philippines 1981 and a year in Kent Bible College based in Sydney, Australia 1991-92. A 2 year Bible school. He was one of the church musicians in Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Sydney, Australia before God placed him to be a Writer and Author of short articles. He was inspired by God to open a channel for christian communication worldwide to deal with unsolved issues that plague the body of Christ, the Church. This is the result of opening this Website -The Christian Investigator's Account Homepage.
Frank was also a very dedicated teacher of the Word of God. A Home Bible Study teacher 1994 for a year or so, and also operates in the gifts' of prophecy, wisdom, knowledge, discerning of spirits, and faith.
His wife Ludy, is one of the officials who lead/organizes the activities in 'Jesus First' Ministry church in Glendenning., Sydney Australia. And daughter Joy, is a backup singer and soloist in worship & praise services.
Frank has also helped his former Pastor - Bishop John E. Ayudtud open a Website for the Worldwide Pentecostal Church of Christ click banner to see this

And currently helping Rev. Freddie Santos Pastor of 'Jesus First' Ministry on their Website click banner to see this (it's under construction)

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