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What we are
The C.I.A. is a non-denomination and non-profit Website called to serve the Christian groups worldwide. To help them study, research, and investigate a doctrine or issues that will lead to reconcile them towards other Christian churches, organisations, and small groups.

Our Goal
To help churches become one in purpose.
That is: To know God and for the (united) churches to lead humanity to Him with a non-biased and non-discriminational attitude toward others.

Our Activities
Are mostly focused on researching, studying, writing, counselling, teaching, Home Bible studies, and prayer intercesions.
We can also give you some advice on Biblical doctrines for your already established or new church according to the Word of God.

How we operate
Our decision making principles are based entirely from the Bible. We don't make decisions that is not found in the Bible.
We let God's Word answer problems and issues.
We allow the Holy Ghost to guide us in our studies and research to lead us into all truth.
We apply the Word of God in our lifestyle to fit it's purpose.