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By Kenneth V. Reeves, LL.B. J.D.
(From his book "The Great Commission")

...One cannot know how to obey Matthew 28:19 by just reading Matthew 28:19. That Matthew 28:19 does not specify repentance, faith, the purpose of water baptism, the value of water baptism, or the Name of the Father, or Son, or the Holy Ghost. That as a matter of fact every particular of Matthew 28:18-20 is explained somewhere else, and that no one can possibly know what those verses mean separate from the words of Jesus or of His ministers, elsewhere recorded in the New Testament.
... It appears that The WORD was made flesh, but not the Spirit. Jesus said a spirit hath not flesh and bone as you see me have. Water is hydrogen and oxygen; And God is SPIRIT and the WORD. Not two waters nor two gods. But the Spirit and the Word are manifested in three ways to us: AS FATHER GOD IS A UNIVERSAL OMNIPRESENT SPIRIT; As God in Christ, God is in a Son rather than in the Universe; As Holy Ghost God is distributed among lives forming the Church.
Matthew 28:19 has been used for ages as a barrier instead of helping leading to the Full Gospel as to understanding, practice and experience. Here is a scripture so loaded with implications that it could be used as a sort of entrance into other vital truths. Instead it has been used to try to prove the Godhead is in three persons for so long that multitudes are not aware that it is an introduction, not a conclusion.
The whole idea revolves around the NAME in Matthew 28:19 and not the question of WHO may be offended if they are not recognised. The NAME is not identified in Matthew 28:19, which like other matters in this verse must be understood in conjunction with the words of Jesus found elsewhere in the New Testament, as well as of the Ministers of Jesus Christ in the record kept of what they said and did. After all, Jesus was not talking to us in Matthew 28:19, but speaking particularly to His apostles, whose understanding and practices would be necessary to see how they would construe and execute these ORDERS OF JESUS
JESUS ONLY- denying The Father and the Holy Ghost?

... One may be baptized into the name of Jesus without a full understanding of the Godhead. For it is the name of the Father, or Son, or Holy Ghost that we want to discover and use, instead of how many Persons might be located in the Godhead. The people who really understand the Godhead believe in the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, but not eliminate terms that are not useful to describe the Nature of God.
Those who baptize into the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ have no intention of eliminating God in any respect or aspect and that the supposed idea that the true One God believers are Jesus Only in the limited sense used by opponents of the message they preach, is not accurate. But the provision made in the doctrine of the trinity which is said to be above reason bit not contrary to reason, with this added phrase: THE GODHEAD IS AGREAT MYSTERY AND CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD, IS NO ASSISTANCE EITHER. In short, the trinitarian terms lead to the use of the word MYSTERY, but mystery about what?
We propose to say that the MYSTERY talked about is created by the terms TRINITY, THREE PERSONS AND CO-EQUALS, and such like. The harm the One God people do though, is allowing the term JESUS ONLY TO BE TAGGED ON THEM. Also if One God people, (so-called) should use the word PERSON more understandingly, as may be found in Hebrews 1:3 as meaning SUBSTANCE just as the same greek word is translated in Hebrews 11:1; and would confine the word PERSON human beings; though perhaps call Jesus a person in his manhood or humanity, we might help unstop this bottleneck caused by the tyranny of words, and get to the facts underlying the words themselves.
It is time to adopt a new approach to an age old problem. Let us eliminate as many of these semantical difficulties as we can, and reach for the substance of the question. The so-called Oneness people who really know what they believe and who have adequate word expressions to convey the internal ideas or notions or beliefs, do not deny nor eliminate God in any respect whether it be God as Father, or God in a Son, or God in the Church as the Holy Ghost. it is our language and also the fixed meaning that others have as to such language, that helps form a barricade to Biblical understanding and faith.

Researched and Prepared by Frank Buhain
for the Christian Investigator's Account (C.I.A.)
NSW Sydney, Australia December 17,1997
last modified July 23, 2000

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