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Dear fellow Christians,

Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus!

Indeed, we can all say together God is good. He has been so good to all of us. His care for us is sweet and strong, and His desires for us is to see us in good health and victorious.

There is a need for all of us Christians to open up the avenue of our faith more wide, and experience God in our lives more strong than before. God is not dead, He is alive, He rules, and He is in control. The openness of our faith allows Him to move through it, and whereby create miracles and performs unbelievable things for us. When we believe it is not just a matter of saying our words we believe, but it is what our hearts really is set for. Releasing ourselves is truly a sign of releasing our faith. When we turn our lives in full surrender to Him we allow Him to work in our lives and let Him touch us.

Faith is a miraculous element in our service to Him that cannot fail. Jesus said to the blind men that came to Him who wanted healing for their blindness, "According to your faith so be it done unto you." When we exert our faith to Him that exertion will not fail. It may not produce an immediate action, yet God honors that faith and will perform that which you believe and expect.

I have followed the Lord and have served Him for the last 27 years as a minister of the Gospel, and through the years God has been a wonder to me, truly making me special to Him. He proves to me He cares for me by performing that which my heart has desired. In fact, it may just have been imagination at the start, or a wish, and it amazes me to discover that God had noticed that expectation. longing, or even that wish of imagination and made it to happen in my life. God is really good. My saying about the power of faith is not just a matter of word contraption, but a matter of experience.

Really there is nothing difficult for God. What do we want in life? Do we want to be happy? If that is the desire of our hearts the Lord will grant that. I have seen in my life that where there are difficult situations, He allows these situations to roll into my living so that from ouf of it I could be lifted up and shown that He cares. There would be no deliverance if there was no bondage first. And there would be no victory if there was no battle. So a situation has to be set up first, as to make you experience a sorrow, and from out of that God will pick you up and give you joy. This is how the Lord works in our lives. He does not just give us joy as to make us get tickled and laugh so much to be said we are happy. He allows difficult situations to come first, and then, from that, He delivers us, so that we will truly understand the true meaning of happiness.

God is good all the way. And our faith will make us see this goodness. If a person will not believe, then He will not experience. It is in the openness of our believing that the Lord will allow the flow of blessing to go through. If we don't open up ourselves in faith, then we will not see the miracles of God. So let us open up ourselves. Let us ask Him to use us for His glory.

Well, this is all for now. And thank you for allowing me to speak to you. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Lovingly yours in Christ,

Bishop John E. Ayudtud


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