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3rd Gen ( by diablorie ) Tzimisce
Most polite Chylde and High Priestess of the Flaming Retribution in the
Basilica Diabolique
Married to Johat the Seeker..
(May the godz have mercy on him)

The weapons she carries are deadly; Her skill and ferocity is unmatched.
She is a true chylde of Chaos. Her weapons include Iron Baselard blade
engraved with the mark of a running devil which rests easily in her boot.
Holbein Dagger it's hilt jeweled with onyx that matches her somber eyes,
secured by a leather cord from her wrist, the hilt of the dagger strapped
to her palm.
El Cid Tizona, a silver sword slung with the smallest of leather cord
drapes her slender shoulder, with the words: stupidity, greed, barbarity,
unspeakable cruelty, deception, fraud, treachery and santimony, etched upon
the blade....
Katana mithril steel blade black as ebony diamond hilt carved like Ice



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