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NEW! My Favorites of 2002

Alright, I don't remember too many movies from last year, but I'm going to try.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

This year's best opening sequence. The rest is good too: same crazy Mike Myers antics, same crazy characters, same crazy mojo. I hope the series ends here, because I really don't want to see a good Dr. Evil.

Catch Me If You Can

A very fun movie to watch. Really would have liked to see this film get more recognition at this year's Oscars, but oh well, that's the Academy for ya. Plus, how can you not love all the funny Boston accents?


A funny, dazzling musical with some great performances. Gotta say, I'm really starting to like John C. Reily as a "dramedy" actor. His "Mr Cellophane" number connects with almost every other character he's ever played. Out of all the nominees, this movie's got my vote for Best Picture this year. It's much better than Gangs of New York, I have to say.

Die Another Day

Bond gets captured, tortured, left for dead. MI6 thinks he broke under pressure and gave up information that killed another agent. It's everything I've wanted to see in a Bond movie: Bond getting bruised, instead of being just some superhuman agent who can get out of every tight spot.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

A long movie though it got material cut from both the front and end (Return of the King is gonna kick ass right from the start). Felt a little like not much happened during the 3 hours I spent in the theater, but it does have some fine cinematic moments. Gollum... just a stunning creation. Proves that special effects can really help a film. Whenever I watch the Star Wars prequels now I have to sigh.

Minority Report

In my mind, this film should be up there with all the rest of 2003's Oscar nominees for Best Picture. Nothing about it is boring or unoriginal; everything from the script, to the acting, to the design, to the effects is almost perfect. I think 2002 was just a great year for Spielberg. If anyone deserves an Entertainer of the Year award, it's him.

A New Look

Black backgrounds is where it's at. Found out that some pages look different on different browsers so I decided to make some changes to the look of the site while I was at it. Too bad I still have no updates. Heh.

Check out my review of Minority Report. More new ones coming soon. (I hope)

My Favorites of 2001

Thought I'd quickly make a short list of what I liked last year. Does this mean I gotta have a list for 2000 then??? Haha.

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

Wow, that name looks just like "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial", doesn't it? Yes, this is a Spielberg movie more geared to families, but being a sucker for science-fiction, I like it. The robots in this movie frighten you, not because they're so like robots, but because they're so human. The little boy robot, David, says he feels love. Does he? You try to think about how different a robot is from a human, but there isn't much. The movie gets a little haunting, and then David goes on that Pinocchio trip in the search to become a boy, which goes a little too long, but still does a good job in entertaining.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

An irreverant trip into the comedic world of Kevin Smith. You don't have to see his movies first to "get" this movie, you just gotta like stupid jokes. I think this was actually the first one of his I saw, and made me want to see all the others AT ONCE. For established KS fans, you get to see a lot of the old characters back, and a lot of cameos by his more famous actors. Here, they get to show their TRUE colors... Ben Affleck: "Oh no no no, I wasn't with Audrey last night. Ha - HA!"... Chris Rock gets to lose the Apostle facade... "I'm the f***ing director, Shaka Luka, that's who the f*** I am."... and Jay is... well, Jay... "Open up my cheeks so you can see the f***ing stink nuggets!"

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring

I saw ads for this and was pretty excited to see what fans were so hyped about, expecting a pretty good movie about wizards and knights and magic and evil. I saw it, and was completely swept away by it. Everything about the film works: the story, the effects, the cinematography, the music, the tension, and... I am most proud to say... the acting, which is usually really poorly done for a film in this genre. You never get bored with it, if you like action. Some complain about the ending, but I think it makes a great cliffhanger. Where will Frodo & Co. journey to next???


You just gotta love those movies that dare to be different, like this one, that goes... backwards! You start the movie thinking you know how it ends, and end up at the beginning. WHAT?!?! Yeah, it messes with your mind. Your memory is just like Guy Pearce's character, you have no recollection of anything prior to now. Want a thriller? Here's one of the best.

Moulin Rouge

Justin likes a musical??? Well, this one breaks the traditional rules in the book "How to Make a Musical", not all, but some, and delivers a nice fast-paced (with the help of that crazy Baz Luhrmann editing)love story that's got some humor to boot. Narcoleptic Argentinian... HA! Plus, what can I say? I love the classic songs like "Your Song" and "Roxanne".


Can a film get more serious than Traffic?. It's hard to tell. With the documentary-style cinematography, you get swept into the story, or stories, I should say. It feels real, and scares you. You think you know who's good, but then what does "good" mean? The tag-line sums it up nicely: "No one comes away clean."

Vanilla Sky

To be totally honest, I really thought this movie would be a lot better, but it's still really good. The plot is interesting enough, once Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz drive off a bridge, but the style is even better. Intercutting the story you see Cruise in a mask talking to a shrink, never quite sure what's going on, keeping you waiting for the ending that explains it all. Plus, they have a clip from Conan's show!!! YEAH!!!

Great Ideas for Movies

I've been watching some movies on tape this week and just thought I should write out a list of movies that had great ideas as their storylines.


A group of scientists decide to employ themselves in the business of wiping out supernatural beings from the face of the Earth.

Groundhog Day

A nasty weatherman is forced to relive one February 2nd over and over and over again.

Forrest Gump

Mentally challeged Forrest Gump leads an extraordinary life, meeting the likes of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, John Lennon, Elvis and countless other famous individuals from our century.

Men In Black

A young police officer is recruited into a secret organization which monitors and polices extra-terrastrials on the planet Earth.


No, I haven't gone crazy. The idea is cool. A special federal agency is set up to stop criminals from travelling through time.

The Truman Show

Happy suburbanite Truman Burbank lives a rather perfect life until one day he finds out that the town he lives in is one large studio and his every move has been broadcasted worldwide on a TV show.

Good Movies of '99

Hehe... it's been a while. I just wanted to mention the movies I really enjoyed last year.

American Beauty
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
The Matrix
The Sixth Sense
Three Kings
The World Is Not Enough
Oh yeah, and...
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Aw, come on. It wasn't that bad.

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