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Emiliano Zapata "Pride of Philippine Yaw-Yan"

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The "Pride of Yaw-Yan" Emiliano Zapata

Welcome to Emiliano Zapata's Photo Gallery.Some photos of his Fights under Philippine Yaw-Yan Style

Yaw-Yan vs Chinese Kickboxing

Emiliano Zapata KO's Tadefa kickboxer at Rizal Stadium Manila Philippines 1980

Yaw-Yan vs Kickboxing

Zapata KO's Cavite Chief Instructor 8 seconds of the First Round in Cavite 1989

Yaw-Yan vs Pro Boxing

Emiliano Zapata vs WBC Champion Rolando Navarete in a Yaw-Yan vs Boxing Match in 1991

Yaw-Yan vs Kickboxing

Emiliano Zapata vs Claro Borja at the Pankration Challenge in Manila

Yaw-Yan vs Bakbakan International

Zapata TKO's Tisoy Siscon of the Bakbakan International Clan at Ninoy Aquino' Stadium 1992 (Jumping Back Kick)

Yaw-Yan Reverse Back Kick

Zapata hits Siscon with a Yaw-Yan Back Kick (Sipang LiKudlak)


Down Again...Zapata won by TKO

Yaw-Yan vs American Full Contact Karate

Zapata vs Taller and Heavier American Robert Ewing at YMCA Manila 1978

Zapata TKO's American Challenger with Boy Garcia (Sibukan)Franco Guerero (Kalasag) and Robert Pineda (Takadi) watching at the background. All are former Yaw-Yan Students before forming their own Clubs.

Emiliano Zapata (Read Sweat Gear)

Zapata vs Taller and Heavier Australian. Zapata's First Come back fight after a long rest due to lack of opponent in the Philippines.

Zapata in Australia ,Feb 1999

Zapata vs Pro Muay Thai under World Muay Thai Council Rules in Australia Feb 1999

Zapata in Singapore, March 1999

Zapata (white)in the Intercontinental Muay Thai Challenge in Singapore.His second Pro International Muay Thai Fight in less than two months.

Emiliano Zapata is scheduled this year to fight against a Grappler ala UFC Style of Fighting. Yaw-Yan is a Philippine Martial Art founded in 1972 by Master Nap Fernandez. Yaw-Yan teaches movements similar to Arnis without the Sticks.It also teaches Ground Fighting and Weaponries like the Nafer Chaku and the Yaw-Yan Arnis.For more information, please Email or visit Web Page at

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YAW-YAN National Footboxing Tournament

December 5,1999

Dumlao Sports Center, Shaw Blvd Mandaluyong City PHILIPPINES



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