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Visions of Adonai Designs

University and College Educators Research Resources

Action Research Resources
Southern Cross University's guide to Action Research resources. Journal, mailing lists, articles, and links.

CAIR Lookout on US Higher Education
The California Association for Institutional Research's searchable database on demographics, research, links, bibliographies.

Computer Crime Research Resources
Research resources for those interested in computer crime. Indexes, papers, court cases, news and bibliographies.

Federal Research and Educational Opportunities site offers databases, notices, and news about federal funding and educator research funds.

Foundation Center On-line
Invaluable source for moving through the research funding process; grantseeking orientation; proposal writing tutorial.

Institute of Business & Professional Ethics
Offers an Online Journal of Ethics, a newsletter and membership.

Internet Resources for Institutional Research
Links, reports, statistics and databases for research ideas and assistance.
The Internet Legal Resource Center for law research and investigation.

Marketing Research Resources
Articles, links, guides, and resources for Marketing Research.

National Archives & Records
Database for US government publications from 1995 to 1999. Acts, laws, documents, congress and presidential information, and more.

National Science Foundation
News, grants, statistics, and research in Science and Engineering.

Natural Resources Research Information Pages
An Internet resource guide for researchers, practitioners and students in the natural resources field.

NIH Grants Database
The grants database at the National Institute of Health. Awards, grants and recipients.

Political Resources, Research & Statistics
From Project Vote Smart, a mega resource for demographics, maps, Legal & Political Science resources and polling sources.

Research Methods Resources
From Arizona State University, materials for teaching research methods in applied Social, Psychological & Educational disciplines.

Research Resources in Popular Culture
From Bowling Green State University, resources on Popular Culture, Women's Studies, Telecommunications, and American culture.

Resources for First Americans Research
Comprehensive collection of links, resources, and bibliographies on First American Studies.

Resources For Graduate Students
Newsletter, PhD toolkit, links, and guides for research and graduate student study.

Social Research Resources
Resources for students and faculty interested in Social research methods and resources.