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Visions of Adonai Designs

University and College Educators Prior Learning Assessment

CAEL: Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Offers resources for both educational institutions and adults who wish to seek credit for life and work experience.

C2T2 PLA site
PLA resources from the Centre for Curriculum, Transfer, and Technology in British Columbia, Canada.

DeLiberations: Flexible Assessment
Articles and guidelines on using Flexible Assessment in higher education.

Flexible Assessment
Content from a presentation by Carol Ebner on "Flexible Assessment: What are the Issues, Concerns and Possible Solutions?"

Flexible Assessment in Higher Education
Resources for assessing prior learning for college credit from the United Kingdom.

Flexible Learning
An Australian resource for integrating Flexible Learning into the curriculum.

A simulation on the resource implications of open learning by Dr Gaye Manwaring, Scotland.

Open, Flexible & Distance Learning
Resources for Universities and Colleges offering open, flexible, and distance learning, primarily in the U.K.

PLA at Mohawk College
A comprehensive site that outlines steps for the PLA process at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada.

PLA Online
PLA presented by the Open Learning Agency, in British Columbia, Canada. Glossary, resources and links.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
Presents a PLAR Quality Audit tool for comparing PLAR services against recommended national standards for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.

Telecommunications PLA
Offered at Algonquin College in Ontario, Canada. Outlines competencies for assessment in telecommunication topics.

UK Lifelong Learning
Articles, papers, news, and updates on Lifelong Learning for all.