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June Kaminski, RN MSN
1999, 2000

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Last Updated: January 14th, 2000

Family Internet Surfing

Ask Scott - the Virtual Reference Librarian
Guide to finding topics on the Net. How to search for information, find lyrics, poetry, city information and maps, news, stocks, computer programs, and discussion lists.

Canadian Parents Online
Great informative and interactive site for parents to discuss and learn about child safety, development, needs, and so on.

Family Web Home Page
Support, articles, discussions, newsgroups for families around the globe.

Get It Joe Internet Tour
Offers mini 10 minute Internet tours, basic 30 minute ones, as well as complete tours taking several hours, of the Internet for adults and kids.

Global Village's Internet Tour
An interactive tour of the Internet with various modules to practice Net activities from topic searches to sending flowers online.

Help Web
Offers a clear, friendly guide to help your family learn to navigate the Internet.

History of the Internet
An entertaining, informative history of the Internet for the whole family.

Internet 101
Colorful, interesting site that guides you to learn about email, the Web, newsgroups, viruses, and so on. Also offers a printable version of the lessons.

Internet Software Tutorials
Offers tutorials in using Internet web browser software, including Netscape, Internet Explorer, Eudora Light, FTP, and Win Zip.

KidCom Chats
A safe place for kids to chat with other kids from all over the world in a safe and cheerful space.

Learn the Net
Simple explanations make learning the Internet easy for parents and kids. Great graphics and current examples. You'll love this site!

Neolinks Internet Tutorial
Provides tutorials to help you learn to navigate the Net, develop information age skills, attend web workshops, and learn online marketing tips.

Parenthood Web
Loads of information, activities, newsletter, and articles for parents.

Surfing the Net with Kids
Lots of learning fun, tips for homework and topic research.

Todays Parents Online
Loads of activities for parents. Penpals, links, articles, forums, booklets, Q & A, newsletters, and more!

Voices of Youth
UNICEF offers a forum for youngsters, parents, and teachers to discuss the future with global contacts. Interactive forum on crucial issues affecting the world's youth.

Yahooligans - The Web Guide for Kids
A virtual server especially for kids. Subject search, activities, games, chats with celebs, scientists, and explorers and lots more!

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Health on the Net
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Fun on the Net
Mind Expanders
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