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June Kaminski, RN MSN
1999, 2000

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Last Updated: January 14th, 2000

Cyber Shopping Safely

Better Business Bureau Online
Results of the BBB's Consumer Confidence Survey on shopping online.

Catalog Site
Hundreds of free catalogs, plus reviews, recipes, and buyers' tips.

Consumer Groups of ANEC
European Consumer standardization groups offer tips, standards and safety advice for consumers in Europe and abroad.

Consumer World
An online public service stop with buying advice, product reviews, comparison shopping, and consumer rights tips.

Shopping directory that can be personalized to suit your style and interests. Tips and deals online.

Costco Online
Shop Costcos 24 hours a day! Everything but the food. Consumer articles, tips, money management, and balanced lifestyle information as well.

CPSC Consumer Products Safety Commission
Aims to keep families safe from risk of injury or death from defective consumer products.

CPSC for Kids
CPSC's kids' site to introduce consumer safety to your children. Brain Busters, activities, safety tips.

Tips and safety rules for self protection when shopping online, from American Express.

E - toys
Hundreds of toys online. You can search by age group, brand, and type. Discussion groups, and Parents Choice Foundation toy reviews.

Frank Fiore's Online Shopping
Visit Frank's site for loads of tips, links, articles, and activities related to online shopping.

MSN Shopping Gift Finder
A Microsoft program that helps you choose gifts for hard to shop for people. You can select by gender, age, occasion, category, and price range.

Offers an interactive Style Profile to guide you to shops with your kind of merchandise.

Office Depot Online
The mega-office store online, with lots of support, 24 hours a day.

The Online Shopping Environment
Examines the ins and outs of shopping online. Targets issues and discusses the pitfalls and advantages of e-commerce.

Online Shopping for Parents of Spirited Kids
Links to reasonably priced educational toys and products for kids.

Parenthood Web Shopping Guide
Tips, links, articles, surveys, and advice for fun, safe family online shopping.

Sears, Roebuck, & Co.
Old-time catalog shopping, 90's style. Includes a gift Wish book. Secure transactions.

Shopping Online
A large directory of reliable shopping sites and consumer reports.

Free software to help you comparison shop online. This nifty program can be personalized to your needs and interests.

WalMart Online
Walmart without the crowds or sore feet! Security guaranteed with fraud prevention.

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