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June Kaminski, RN MSN
1999, 2000

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Health on the Net

Baby Online
A resource for parents of tiny people. Articles, support, links, a library, and an extensive directory for new parents.

Benny Goodsport
Activities, games and stories offered to teach children about health, safety, and lifestyle choices in a fun environment.

Children's Health and Nutrition
Downloadable texts and materials on dozens of family health topics from ERIC.

Council on Family Health
Offers guidelines on how to take medicines safely and effectively. Also, home safety tips for the whole family.

Dr. Greene's Housecalls
Pediatric wisdom for the information age, brought to you by pediatrician, Dr. Greene. Lots of information and answers to your burning health questions.

Facts for Families
Up to date information on issues and psychiatric disorders that can affect kids, teens, and parents.
Features articles, recipes, tips, and discussion on children's health, safety, and development.

Family Haven
Helpful articles on dozens of family health and nutrition topics.

Family Health
Articles, book reviews, links, chat, and discussions on issues and concerns about family health.

Family Health Tree Guide
An invaluable resource for mapping out your family's health history. Step by step instructions and diagrams.

Go Ask Alice
From Columbia University, an interactive question and answer format to discuss health, relationships, sexuality, emotional health, fitness, nutrition, alcohol, drugs.

An informative resource from the University of Washington offering supplemental, reliable health information for the whole family.

Kids' Doctor
An online "housecall" site hosted by a pediatrician. Offers an extensive topic list, fact sheets, and question and answer interaction with parents.

Kids Food Cyberclub
Kids learn about nutrition and health through interactive quizzes, play shopping, meal analysis, recipes, book reviews, and other activities.

Kids Health
Lots of information on kids' growth, nutrition, fitness, childhood infections, and safety issues for kids, teens and parents.

Kidde Home Safety Education Center
A fun place for kids to learn about home safety through games, activities, puzzles, and quizzes.

Kid's Source Online
Healthcare and educational information for kids and parents. Software, forums, articles, and activities in a fun setting.

Macon Family Health Clinic
Dozens of information sheets on common health concerns and topics related to family health.

Multimedia Tutorials for Health
Fun tutorials for kids and parents on several topics including asthma, cerebral palsy, diabetes, cleft palate, and cleft lip.

NOAH - New York Online Access to Health
A fact filled database with loads of health information for families. In-depth and reliable guidance for parents.

Online Docs' Family Health Center
Health care articles for families, healthy lifestyles advice, and an extensive U.S. physicians directory.

Parents' Place
A parenting resource center with loads of information on children's health, positive parenting, chats, bulletin boards, and sharing with other parents.

Parent Soup
A community of dedicated parents. Offers chat, discussions, health tips, crafts, entertainment, and mingling.

Pediatric Points of Interest
An in-depth resource from John Hopkins University, for parents and health professionals. Lots of children's health information.

Self Care Flowcharts
The American Academy of Family Physicians offer self care flowcharts on many childhood illnesses to help you to know when to go to the doctor or treat at home.

Your Gross and Cool Body
An upbeat site for kids 10+, to talk and learn about their bodies. From bad breath to hiccups to earwax, this is truly an unique experience for kids.

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