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June Kaminski, RN MSN
1999, 2000

Visions of Adonai Designs

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Last Updated: January 14th, 2000

Creative Online Family Activities

Alex's Box of Crayons
A creative space for young children to color online. Several coloring pages to choose from with an interactive file to save your child's masterpieces.

Chickadee Net
A creative kids site with craft projects, an art gallery to hang your work, word games and more. From Chickadee magazine for young kids.

A place for teen creativity, brainstorming, and sharing of concerns and opinions with other teens around the globe.

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
Nicely laid out, guides kids and adults step-by-step through the cartoon drawing process.

Emmett Scott's Cartoon Corner
An art studio, puzzles, stories, funnies, drawing tips, creative how-tos, and creative play for kids and parents.

Eyeneer Music Archives
Guides to lots of music bios, discographies, reviews, photos, video clips, and sound samples for the whole family.

Incredible Art Department
Lessons, galleries, chat, cartoons, discussions, all devoted to art. Great for preschoolers to adults.

Joseph Wu's Origami Page
You can download amazing diagrams and instructions on how to make intricate origami figures, such as dragons, baskets, butterflies, windmills, and more.

Kid's Space
Young children will love this site! Interactive animal sounds, Shockwave scale tones for kids to play music, and a scenerio creator for making their own play interactively.

Learn Web Site Design
Offers instruction in web site design, online - all the basics of web design at your fingertips.

Looney Tunes Karaoke
Sing along with Tweety, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Pepi, Daffy, and others. Lyrics, great graphics, and RealAudio clips.

The Louvre
Features the famous museum, the Louvre. The whole family can view the exquisite exhibits, famous paintings, and learn about honored artists, and tour Paris, virtual-style!

Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
Drawing in 3D instruction and activities for kids of all ages, even parents.

Mozart's Magical Musical Life
Presents the story of Amadeus Mozart's life, from boyhood through to his death. Story is told through text, graphics, and audio clips.

PBS Kids Karaoke
Invites children to sing, dance, and write their own lyrics along with some of the most common PBS kids show tunes.

Piano on the Net '97
Offers free online piano lessons for Starter, Intermediate, and Advanced studies. Features a total of 42 lessons.

Sacred Geometry Coloring Book
Download a zipped file of several geometric graphics for coloring. Beautiful shapes, such as tetrahedrons, tree of life, octahedrons, and more.

Sing-along Children's Songs
Interesting songs with lyrics and WAV song samples. Song titles include "Feel like Feeling," "Growing Stronger," and "Such A Busy World."

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