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June Kaminski, RN MSN

1999, 2000

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Editor's Bio

June Kaminski, RN MSN
is a post-secondary school educator, a web designer and writer, an expert in fostering computer literacy, and the mother of six cyber-smart children.


June has enjoyed 26 years of raising a large family coupled with teaching computer literacy education and other topics at Kwantlen University College in western Canada. In her spare time, June manages her eight webpages. These include sites such as the Pegasus Art Gallery (click to view) here. June has expertise in teaching computer literacy to people of all ages, children through adult. One of her favorite pasttimes, is to motivate and guide others - family, friends, colleagues, anybody! to the captivating expanses of the Internet. June strongly believes that all parents and children need a command of this swiftly growing medium to benefit from the latest in education, health, culture, social trends, global events, discoveries, and just plain fun!


June received her Master's of Science degree In Nursing Education from the University of British Columbia. with a minor in Computers in Education, Research, and Development.

From June Kaminski:

"Welcome! I'm delighted to act as your guide to the wonderful world of Internet surfing - family style! The focus of this Web Site is threefold. Safety issues for child and teen surfing will be strongly emphasized. The educational, social, cultural, artistic, scientific, and sheer fun aspects of the Internet will be deeply explored. As well, the rich interaction possible through family surfing activities will be encouraged. If you have a moment, please mail me at: with your feedback and suggestions! Thanks for coming, and please come back soon! "

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