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June Kaminski, RN MSN
1999, 2000

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Last Updated: January 14th, 2000

Safety Activism for Families

The Center for Democracy and Technology
From Washington, D.C., this group provide public policies that advance civic liberties and democratic values in new computer technology arenas.

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
A collective of top computer pros united to make the Internet safe and ethical for families. Includes a Cyber Rights group that you can join.

Co - op America
This group offers economic strategies for a better world for us all. News, articles and an interactive strategies forum are available.

The largest online safety and educational site, open to parent volunteers. An activist group focused on keeping the Internet safe for families.

The Electronic Activist
An email address directory of state governments, congress people, media contacts, with guidelines on effective activist strategies.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Offers a well-rounded perspective of censorship issues, and Freedom of Information for parents to assume control of their child's Internet safety.

Electronic Privacy Information Center
User privacy, Human rights, encryption policies, Internet censorship, Freedom of Information, and other techonological issues are featured.

Families against Internet Censorship
A group of parent activists who believe parents are the best people to choose what their children are allowed to see on the Internet, not censorship agencies.

Fdn for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust
An organization formed to inspire young adults to address major political, economic, and social issues that affect us all.

Institute for Global Communications
Offers headlines, groups to join, and advocacy tips for concerned citizens.

Macrocosm USA, Inc.
Presents issues and solutions for collaborative activism. Free handbooks, links and discussion.

New World Village
A politically active online community of activists, offering advocacy information, chat, messaging, and interactive collaboration.

Project Open
The Online Public Education Network offers consumer brochures, the lowdown on spams, online privacy issues, and safe computing initiatives for parents.

The State Public Interest Research Groups
Offers campaign information, reports, news and resources focused on consumer and family safety awareness alerts.

VTW - The Voters Telecommunications Web
Offers downloadable advocacy brochures on Internet safety for kids; brochures, and a list of parental control tools.

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