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DILRIS means Dilip And Rishu, made for each other.
We met on 9th Dec 1993. She was studying in her 1st YEAR of Engg. And me was in 3rd Year of Engg. the lovely place was Pune. My first meeting with her was outside her hostel and she was introduced as ZUNI (meaning very beautiful) The first movie we saw together was ROJA. Fun days headed we used to meet almost everyday. we liked each other.
Then on the most important day of OUR life 17th FEB' 1994 we decided to be each others.
As the months passed we developed the relationship & understanding for each other. We went through all phases and now We are at a stage where we LOVE each other more than any thing. It was her understanding and care which has built me and our RELATION. I LOVE HER MORE THEN I CAN SAY YEH YEH.