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Dilip Patel





Present Address
124 Wyckoff Road, 
Apt. # 36 Sunny Boork, 
Eatontown, NJ. 07724
Permanent Address
1/25 Ekbal Bldg; 
Gokhale Road, 
Dadar, Mumbai 400028 

Work Experience

Telcordia Technologies
New Jersey USA
January 1999 Till Date
Project NetSizer ( )
Project Description Netsizer is an Internet forecasting tool. Basically it collects data and using statistical analysis forecast the number hosts for different categories. The project also involves making the web site that gives data in table formats. The site also gives an interactive tool for the clients. The tool enables the user to view and plot data by month or by domain in an interactive manner.
'c' on Unix
Role Consultant
Responsibility Developing Java Applet for the interactive tool
Automatic generation of HTML tables for data
Processing of data at back end using C & perl
Writing C programs to collect the data (Uses socket programming)
Datamatics Ltd.
Mumbai India
November 1997 November 1998
Project Bio-Data Entry & Skill Retrival System (Web Based)
Project Description This is an web based application. It allowed a person to enter his CV on line. The data was stored in Oracle database. An authoritative user could get a required skills set from the database by giving queries. The system also had a provision for internal employees to make their skill updates. This served the marketing people to find a person within the company for a client requested requirement.
Oracles Web Application Server (WAS 3.0)
Role Module Leader
Responsibility System design 
Development of modules for Java Cartridge 
Self/Unit Testing 
Project Report Layout Designer and Report Printer
Client Dr. Ing. Stahl GmbH (Germany)
Project Description The project is to develop 2 programs Part 1. A layout designer program. This will allow the user to design format for different kinds of layout. Something similar to Crystal Report generated. Part 2 To handle printing of reports depending on the layout design. The print program could run in two modes, automatic or manual. Automatic mode allowed printing of reports the moment its data file is generated. In manual mode the user could select the required report from the backup folders for reprinting.
The software is developed to work on a WIN95/NT machine Using VC++(5.0) and MFC (5.0)
Role Project Leader (4 member team)
Responsibility System requirement analysis ONSIGHT at GERMANY 
System design 
Managing the project (following procedures for ISO 9000) 
Development of programs 
Self/Unit Testing 
Tera Informatics, Pvt., Ltd. (SEEPZ)
Mumbai India
June 1997 November 1997
Project Simulator and S/W Archeology
Client FLIR Systems, Inc. (Portland, USA)
Project Description The project was making a Simulator for a Gimbal. The Gimbal is a unit of a SAFIRE (SeaBorn AirBorn Forward looking InfraRed Equipment) which is used for searching targets from an airplane. The project was to make a simulator that will replace the Gimbal so that the unit can be used for testing without the Gimbal. The S/W will run on NT machine, which would communicate with SAFIRE using RS232 port.
The SAFIRE uses Xnet to communicate between its devices. 
The simulator will be running on NT Machine. 
S/W development in C++.
Role Module Leader
Responsibility Study the Xnet and the operating System working on SAFIRE (VRTX Multitasking OS) 
Development of programs 
Self/Unit Testing 
Ensoft Consultants
Mumbai India
February 1996 May 1997
Project Build Master
Client Building Designers (RCC Consultants), Contractors, and Civil Engg.
Project Description Build Master is a package used for building designing. It has a graphical editor to input the basic plan for each floor, adding columns and various options to edit the plan. The package does RCC Design for columns, beams slabs and footing. It also does analysis considering different load conditions and gives estimation of the building for Beams/Slab, Column/Footing and architectural quantities. Automatically generates working drawings, which are compatible to AutoCad.
C, C++ 
VC++ (4.0)
Role Development Member
Responsibility Reviewing of project standards 
Complete Screen layouts for Footing and Column Modules 
Development of programs 
Self/Unit Testing 
Developing of general routines. 
Project Retaining Wall
Client Civil Eng. and Bridge Designers
Project Description S/W for Designing RCC Cantilever Retaining Walls which was developed for windows using BC++(OWL). The stability of retaining wall is checked against overturning and sliding. A graphical wall is shown with all its cut section diagrams with other design details in the drawing. The design is carried out in the civil designing codes. It also generates design calculation outputs and drawings in DXF format compatible with Autocad.
C, C++ 
BC++ & OWL (Object Windows Library) 
Dos, Windows 3.1 or Higher
Role Leader and developer
Responsibility Program designing 
Complete Windows layouts, Screen Designs 
Testing for programs 
Softlink Services
Mumbai India
August 1995 January 1996
Client Import Export Agents
Project Description SEAFRATE S/W getting general information on different ship & containers schedules and routes and other information. Having various queries to get different combination of information. 

EMS is a Employee Management Systems which has attendance marking facility which also has a payroll module and employee leave records. Generates various required reports. 

Clipper and C
Role Program Designer 
Responsibility Database Designing 
Designing screen layouts 
Development of programs 
Self/Unit testing 

Educational Background

Computer Science
Maharashtra Institute of Technolog
Poona, India
1995 First Class
(Four year degree course)
Diploma Engineering
Digital Electronics
Bombay Institute of Technology
Mumbai, India
1992 First Class
(Three year diploma course)

Technical Experience

Skills Profile System Design, Requirement Specification, Development, Implementation, Documentation and Testing
Operating Systems MS-DOS, on PC-AT/486/Pentium
Languages VC++, C, C++, Java,  BC++, Clipper, Assembly
RDBMS/GUI Tools  Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC VC++ 5.0)
 Oracle 8.0
 WAS 3.0 Oracles Web Application Server
 Object Windows Library (OWL 2.5 of Borland)
Internet  HTML
 Java Applets
 WAS Java & PL/SQL Cartridge

Revised August 1999.

Dilip Patel, 1999