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Dell Doyle

12/27/65 - 3/30/98

My brother has been gone from our physical lives for almost three years now. Three years, and we still count the days as though one more sunrise can't possibly hurt as much as the past dawns. Or maybe, we count the days to remain in touch with him. Either way, he's gone... and we're left counting.

I remember the day he died as though it were a nightmare from last night. I remember the blood, the shock, the anger... and the ultimate realization of his choice and how badly it hurt.

Pain. His didn't end in the earthly realm. It was passed along to all of those who loved him. But that's okay... for we love him more than we love the Northern star that shines in the heavens.

He chose to end his life. This exceptional man died by his own hand. Some say, he died long before that when his soul was tarred and his heart broken. I say... he is my brother and I am proud of him. I say... I remember the blood that carved the road to his peace.

The day came when the pain it took to stay was greater than the pain it took to go.

What I remember most is laying my hand on my son's chest and feeling his heart beating ....beating so hard. He had such a big heart. He was a very loving and compassionate man with the heart of a lion. He was someone that I would trust with my life. Loyal to his friends and family. He was a hard working man. I have seen him work in the freezing cold or the burning heat to fix a car or something for someone, because they didn't have any money to get it fixed and they needed it. It didn't have to be someone he knew, just someone in need. He had a good sense of humor, and the best part of this wonderful man, is that he liked to give and receive hugs he was my friend..........and I miss him.

Jean Massey, Dell's Mom

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