My Doom II page!
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My Doom II page!

Doom 2 is a great game made by Id Software

Here is the first level for Doom2 I ever made. It isn't much but it can be fun.
MAP01.WAD -- DOOM II 01 Small simple level, a first effort but with thought given to balance of difficulty & design; while rather primitive & nothing to look at, it does show some promise.

Here is the second level for Doom2 I ever made. Better than the first.
MAP02.WAD -- DOOM II 01 The second effort by the same author, showing definite improvements, & the start of some real creativity; well-balanced with regard to supplies, enemies, & cover. Doors tend to be rather ugly due to mis-sized textures, but lighting & other cues are effective. One nicely thought-out duplicate-location trick. A fun quickie & showing considerable potential. I would like to see what this author produces given a year or so of practice.

These reviews made by Rez

I am currently working on a project called Marine Doom.

You can download lots of Doom II stuff at

Doom II Cheat Codes!

iddqd - god mode______idkfa - all weapons, keys, ammo, and 200% armor
idfa - same as idkfa but no keys_______idclip - walk through walls
idbehold - power up, after typing code type one of the following letters for a powerup. S - beserk, V - invulnurable, I - invisible, R - radiation suit, A - computer map, L - light amp.
idclevxx - warps to level xx_____iddt - use in automap, first time - shows all map, second time- shows all things, third time - map is returned to normal
idchoppers - chainsaw