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Yule Lesson Plan

The Basics

1. Candles, Candles, Candles light the evening!
2. Talk about Yule, whatever your tradition considers important.
3. Make a Yule snack. Yule Logs and Sugar Suns are fun.
4. Draw some conclusions for child- Bring it all together. Eat!

The Details

Candles are a fun way to fill the room with light and they remind us of miniature Suns. Most children seem to have a fascination with the flicker of candle light, so be certain to keep an eye on yours if they've not had much exposure to burning candles and the attendant "rules". (IE Look but don't touch, etc...)

Take a few minutes right now to think about what Yule means to you....
If you can't articulate your beliefs to yourself, can you pass them along to your children? there are many wonderful books and web sites that give various interpretations of Yule. Seek them out!

There are some very easy (and fun) recipes I have provided that can be made by children of all ages. Our child is 3 and she frequently helps with the baking. This is an excellent time to work on math, too! (Counting, fractions, addition...)

Point out the difference between popular beliefs about this Sabbat and the Pagan beliefs. Ask, "Why do you think we do..." Even if the child is way off, respond with the positive. "That's a good idea. Another reason is...." works much better than "No, we do it because..." After all you did ask what the child thinks is the reason. If the children are young, offer explanations first. Let you child guide you. If he o she is bored senseless or disinterested, the ideas may be too hard or not hard enough. Don't lecture, have fun! Be silly with you kids.

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