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Summer Solstice

This time of year, half way around the Wheel from Yule, is a time of Light. The Sun has grown strong, yet will soon begin to fall. The peak of summer is upon us! Enjoy.

We planned ahead for this year's Celebration. We've reserved a portion of the Yule Tree, which we will place in our bonfire (Okay, truth be known, we live in the city so our bonfire really occurs in safety of the the grill basin.) As each memeber of the family places a portion of the Yule tree in to the bonfire, they will make a request and a promise. A request to the Lord and Lady for help with a special project or difficult task, followed by a promise to the Lord and Lady to do a specific work of benefit to the world. Your child may pledge to continue caring for her portion of the garden ~ as long as he or she is sincere and follows thru. The boughs will be placed on the previously lighted fire, as this seems safer than lighting the extremely dry branches!

As always, we will finish up with a big meal. As one who loves to cook as much as she does eat, I can never pass up an opportunity to make a family feast! Pick out all the summer favorites. In our house, strawberries and potato salad, corn on the cob (if there is any sweet corn, even better!) and Deviled eggs are sure to make up at least part of the meal.

As always,

Brightest Blessings


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Created on 15 June 1999