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Welcome! What an exciting time for us. Spring has arrived and is full swing. Life is all around us. The trees long ago burst into buds, which have developed to full, yet still young, leaves. In a way, what we celebrate now is the potential of Summer. A promise made, yet unfulfilled. A beginning that will lead many directions, depending on our own actions. Much like our own glorious children. What better time to Celebrate Youth!

Many parents have concerns about the appropriateness of traditional May Day celebrations for children ,especially the younger ones. For them, I offer a solution.

Our daughters help in the garden quite a bit. We offer them a bit of garden space. In our area, May is a great month for starting beans and other "direct sow" seeds. Also, many direct sown seeds are forgiving of the lax attention children offer.

A few days before Beltane, go to the seeds store and let the chilren pick out seed packets. Then, mark out a spot of there own, to care for until harvest is over.

On Beltane, ask you children to take those seeds and say a little wish for them to grow. Children are so wonderfully sincere, I have no doubt that this will be effective! They can then take the seeds there garden and plant them. If they wish, they can say another blessing.

Of course, finish with a feast and special dessert. Food is essential and, as a family, we very much enjoy the social time spent cooking and eating. Frequently, we use the meal as a time to talk about the Holy Day.

This activity will carry you thru the many months of Summer. It gives us the opportunity to learn about caring for others, following thru on obligations and giving back to our Mother. If you don't have a garden, many companies are developing "patio varieties" designed for containers and patios. Many times an old milk jug with the top removed and a sunny window sill are all you need.

Enjoy your Beltane, and your children. And remember, as always, the wheel turns, and soon it will be Summer. Brightest Blessings,


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Updated April 6, 1999