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Ahoy mates! Welcome aboard!

You know, whenever I sit down to write the editorial, like now, I feel my whole body become sort of numb an’ I just don’t feel like doing any work. Call it laziness. Call it inertia. Call it whatever you want. But, I just CANNOT bring myself to write this piece. So, please pardon me if this segment is boring. Not that the other columns are interesting. Basically, I am a lazy person. I hate work. So, I won’t advise anyone that they should be hard-working and active. No way. I’m too sensible for that. It would be like the time Mark Twain edited an agricultural paper! Like Einstein said, "If A equals success, then the formula of A equals X+Y+Z where X is work, Y is play and Z is keep your mouth shut." How true it is! As a keen observer of human behavior, my History teacher once told us, "Have you noticed that some people seem to blabber endlessly about their achievements and exploits, but are incompetent and unsuccessful individuals in reality while there are a rare few who quietly go on with their work and in the long run, they are the ones who achieve success." I agree with her. Actually, her observation reminded me of a piece I read somewhere. A man and a woman were assigned the same project. The man, realizing it was a prestigious assignment, bragged about it to everyone he met. Naturally, some vested interests, tried to obstruct him from completing the project on time. Meanwhile, the lady quietly and systematically went about her work and except for her family, no one had any clue as to which project she was working on. In this manner, she completed the project on time and thus, was promoted. Everyone will know what came of the man- he was fired. Poor guy. That just shows that if speech is silver, silence is golden. Anyway, moving on, how did you like this time’s issue? Listen up you guys, I am making a confession- I CANNOT publish this magazine regularly. So, I’ve decided to leave it like it is. Does anyone have a problem with that? Let me know. I won’t promise anything. Just let me know. Shifting topics yet again, I have to say I’m sorry about the Short Story (My heart….) section. I cannot seem to get my brain to work when it comes to writing a complete story. I have to start from scratch the moment I am halfway through it. Terrible problem’o. So, I guess I either haveta’ terminate that column for good or I need some good stories from my dear readers (always very enthusiastic, are you not?). As the latter can be safely ruled out from the possibilities, the former step might be executed- unless, of course, ‘dear readers’ decide to turn over a new leaf. Which, again, is not a sure thing- definitely tentative! Speaking of which, I feel the response from the junior group far, far outnumbers the seniority. What a shame! Anyway, gotta go now. Maarsalaam. Khudafis.


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