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Survivors Against Domestic Violence

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I am a survivor against domestic violence. I went through physical,verbal and mental abuse for about 6 years. People ask me, "Why did you stay?" I wanted to leave, easier said than done. When your life is threatened and your family's life also, it is very hard. When you have a child and get told they will take them if you do leave is overwhelming. You can over come it. You will have strength. You can be strong. I did it and i know you can. It's hard sometimes. There's a lot I don't remember. I deal with it every day. It is very hard to trust, especially the opposite sex. Whatever you do, don't give up. Get help as soon as you can. Do not keep putting yourself through it, and especially your children.Find your self esteem. Stop the violence now, You're worth it!
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Welcome to my homepage...I live in Indiana. I'm a mother of 2 kids... I use to hate computers. I found about the chats on the net. Well now you can't get me away from the thing. I love the chats. You meet so many people from all over the world. It just amazes me how you can communicate with people from all over. Some people may tell you there are a lot of weirdos on the chats, which may be true, but there are a lot of people on there doing the same thing I am, trying to make new friends. I've made a lot so far. Some of them are the nicest people you'll ever meet. If you haven't tried the chats yet, GO FOR IT!!! Don't be afraid to explore.

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