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This is for my friend jolene who is the biggest LITTLE MERMAID nut there could ever be on this here planet we call earth.

Jolene said this is the best picture of Ariel she has ever seen. Ariel is, I must admit very photogenic, but she ain't got nothing on Spawn.

What a man. So charming, so chrismatic, he's a man's man.

Now this cat is the coolest in the movie, aside from the crazy eel dude.
Name: Mr. Sebastein Crab
Height: 1'2"
Weight: 5 lbs. 6 oz.
Look at him as he cowers, anyone as cowardly as him has got to be cool. And since he's an adviser to the king of the sea, I'll just bet that he has his grubby little claw in many pies of personal gain, just like most politicians. It's the perfect cover for a sneaky, corrupt, shifty, but smart, little crab like Sebastien. He's probably had this plan of evil crabby things for along time now, but I'm the only one to pick up on to his little crabby games. Now you know. Be warned surfer, this crab means business, cross him and you suffer his political wrath and if you involve me, I'll deny everything. The crab knows some influential people, so take this knowledge and use it wisely or you'll be picking a trident out of your butt cheeks.

Other of Jolene's interests include the band we all know and love.
Yes, you guessed it.
Those divine of disco...the dieties of dance fever. ABBA
Even Ariel can't wait to get her groove thang on!!...do a little dance..ba..ba..make alittle love..ba..ba..get down tonite.. yeah!!

This is about all There is on Ariel until I decide or jolene decides to add more. But before you go there's more tasty tidbits for actual Little Mermaid fans caught in my web. Ha Ha Ha.

Now that's my kind of fish. Arrogant and vulgar
The crooked crab "makin' a deal" the cook can't refuse
Proof. And you people didn't believe me

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This here is premo for you fanatics who are close to stockers, but are disappointed because the characters in the movie are only cartoons

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