Warpig's page of Evil
...and other chaos and mind disturbing related things

Good day all, I welcome you to my website.

Sometime ago, I had misdirection in my life; not knowing what to do with an opportunity such as this. Then came some good friends of my who were more then willing to give me ideas. So many in fact, I decided to put their ideas in this site. I warn you some of their ideas are mad and require psychiatric evaluation, so don't be alarmed at what your about to embark in.( and there is no porn here, so if your looking for porn, look elsewhere.)

For what is in Jolene's evil little brain

This is what is in my friend Scar's head, please do not mock or discourage shes tried really hard and the psychiatrist says it's progress, and if it happens then relap will occur

ITS.this is a cool organization

Mail the pig

have been served

There still more work to be done. So, go get some popcorn, grab a beer, play a few rounds of naked twister, and wait, for the difficulties to straighten out. Thank you for your patiences.

Disclaimer: Pictures and animation on this site are borrowed, and are not being used for profittable gain.