This is jolene's ABBA page

This here is ABBA. Don't ask me why jolene loves them, she just does. It's not from her generation, nor is it her style of music, it's just ABBA, and she love's them none the less

Heres a few Abba facts for ya if you didn't know. So use it, abuse it, print it off and underlay the bird cage, here it is.
1. Abba is from Sweden, hence the swedish names.
2. Agetha is yet, another example of the hottys that come from Sweden.
3. If Agetha wasn't the same age as my mother, I would give it to her.
4. Frida: refer to two and three
5. I got to get a girlfriend
6. ABBA should NOT be confused with Blondie. Take it from me it causes PAIN..SWEET UNIGNORABLE PAIN.... OH THE HUMANITY...OH THE HORROR...
7. this is not a Abba bash site, because if it was I'd be getting beats from many angering Abba fans
8. They wear kickass enough outfits to join a wrestling organization
9. In the picture, there is hidden meaning with the cats on Agetha and Frida's dresses
10. This will get you back to jolene's little mermaid page
11. There is nobody named Sven in Abba
12. Abba's is up there with Boney-M and the guys who did "Rollercoaster of love"(and no! Not the red hot chili peppers)
13. I was wrong there is a guy named sven in the group, Sven olaf-Waldof. The no name drummer guy that gets no credit except on this site. Because we care man !!
14. ABBA are a bunch 'o' theifs. It's true, they stole their name from a swedish fish canning factory. I thought the name ABBA was a little fishy. HA HA Ha ha ha ha
15. The Last statement in fact # 14. about fish was really wrong. Corn should be left to the professionals like the hard working western canadian prairie farmers.